About us

Fordhouses Cricket Club (FCC) was established way back in April 1927, and since those early formative stages has gradually developed into one of the most respected community sports organisations in West Midlands circles.

2005 was a ‘ground breaking’ year in many respects for FCC. All the Club’s activities, sporting and social, were transferred from our former ground in Taunton Avenue to the Wobaston Road site, known previously as Dowty Boulton Paul Sports and Social Club. The relocation was unavoidable and necessary due to an expiring lease, receivership of previous freeholders and the financial difficulties of being a single purpose sports club.

However, everyone at the Cricket Club is now positively focused on new ‘horizons’. Exciting opportunities, presented in the form of a 9.93 acre multi sports and social complex, far outweigh any disappointment generated from leaving the former Taunton Avenue ‘base’.

We take great pride in bringing a legacy of success to our new facility – Jack Threlfall Memorial Ground. This success is based on providing inclusive, community based activities, with special emphasis on a sports development programme for children & young people. We fully intend to enhance that reputation as our long term ‘Vision becomes Reality’. In senior cricketing terms we bring across from Taunton Avenue a long tradition of having successfully competed in both the Staffordshire Club Championship and Birmingham and District Premier Leagues.