Junior Presentation Evening 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Junior Presentation Evening.

Pictures from the adult presentation evening can be found by clicking here

Alan Brown, Chariman of the junior section, opened the evening by congratulating all of the players for a fantastic season – both collectively and individually. Alan then passed over to Chris Guest to run proceedings.



First up, was our under 9’s, with a team consisting of:

Abhiraj Awale, Casey Clifton, Harvey Thomas, Jack Brotherton, Joshua Cox, Karam Pahal, Prajwal Singh, Prem Sira, Rahul Kauldhar, Robiel Lal, Ryan Cox, Shloka Yekollu, Tom Banks, Veer Lal, Vishwa Patel, Oliver Virgilio (awards presented by club chairman, Peter Jones)



Congratulations to U9 fielder of the year winner, Rahul Kauldhar


Congratulations to U9 bowler of the year winner, Veer Lal


Congratulations to U9 batsman of the year winner, Prem Sira



Congratulations to U9 managers player of the year winner, Jack Brotherton


Next up were our under 10’s with a team consisting of:

Arjun Bahia, Aryan Singh Johal, Hasan Shah, Manraaj Pahal, Tanaya Kauldhar, Zakariya Rehman


Congratulations to U10 fielder of the year winner, Karam Pahal


Congratulations to U10 bowler of the year winner, Arjun Bahia


Congratulations to U10 batsman of the year winner, Jack Brotherton


Congratulations to U10 managers player of the year winner, Manraaj Pahal


Our under 11’s team, made up of:

Ahan Yekollu, Alan Howells, Amber Shaikh, Connor Lucas, Finley Hill, Jack Hill, Matthew Banks, Phoebe Clifton, Thomas Virgilio, Yash Rajeev, Davina Perrin


Congratulations to U11 fielder of the year winner, Alan Howells


Congratulations to U11 bowler of the year winner, Tom Virgilio


Congratulations to U11 batsman of the year winner, Finley Hill


Congratulations to U11 managers player of the year winner, Finley Hill


Our under 13’s team made up of:

Alex Moss, Ajay Vatish, Arundeep S Chodda, Bavan Boughan, Bilal Hussain, Anwar, Bradley Nutting, Ella Jones, Govind Dhinsay, Hasan Amjad, Jamal Saeed, Jawad Shah, Jay Chhokar, Joshua Oakley, Kyle Ramsbottom


Congratulations to U13 fielder of the year winner, Davina Perrin


Congratulations to U13 bowler of the year winner, Jay Chhokar


Congratulations to U13 batsman of the year winner, Bilal Anwar


Congratulations to U13 managers player of the year winner, Jay Chhokar


Congratulations to U13 Swifts fielder of the year winner, Joshua Oakley


Congratulations to U13 Swifts bowler of the year winner, Ajay Vitash


Congratulations to U13 Swifts batsman of the year winner, Davina Perrin


Congratulations to U13 Swifts managers player of the year winner, Ella Jones


Our under 15’s team made up of:

Cameran Patel, Harjivan Dhinsay, Harrison Jones, Jassdeep Singh, Jeevan Dhaliwal, Karamveer Sunner, Rivaan Athwal, Ryan Hughes, Taylor Cocking, Vikai Dass, Zak Shah


Congratulations to U15 fielder of the year winner, Rivaan Athwal


Congratulations to U15 bowler of the year winner, Bilal Hussain Anwar


Congratulations to U15 batsman of the year winner, Harjivan Dhinsay


Congratulations to U15 managers player of the year winner, Govind Dhinsay


Big drum roll, for our final awards of the evening….


Congratulations to the most improved player of the year winner, Alan Howells


Congratulations to the player of the season winner, Vikai Dass


Congratulations to the spirit of cricket winner, Hasan Amjad


Finally, a very special thank you to all of the parents, coaches and team managers that volunteer their time so that the FCC youth section can continue to flourish.



Our final award of the season goes to the FCC Clubperson of the year.  Many people give up their valuable time to assist the development of the club.  All of those people deserve special thanks as the club wouldn’t exist without you.
The recipient of this year’s award – for a second year running – is Jane Moss.


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